MR Javi

Streamer – Influencer


Art Direction


Corazonada is an apparel store based at Güemes, the coolest neighbourhood in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. This project is headed by Sergio Barrionuevo a «politically incorrect» fashion curator with a huge passion for diversity, individuality and freedom of expression.

They have developed a simple and versatile all-type logo, along with a neutral typeface that blends with any photographers vision for brand campaigns and it fits perfectly to different types of applications.

Project developed in co-creation with Fernanda Scarafía and Maia Bunge.

Santyago Chichoni & Ezequiel Exstein.

Amateurs studio did a simple but yet efective branding with a custom typeface.


José Bessega and Ivo Pallucchini are the brains behind this dupla-multidisciplinary studio. They truly understand what design is and use it as a tool to generate bold and vibrant solutions for brands, projects and people.

In Amateur have developed a simple yet versatile branding with a neutral typeface that works perfectly fine for photography and brand campaigns and also it fits with different supports.


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